gov2To Vice-Governor JieJie Almonte, who is flying today to manila for an activity with the congressional spouses… To all the board members present this morning… To the Provincial director of Misamis Occidental Civil Service Office, director Abdullah Datu–Dacula… To all PGMO department heads as well as heads of national line agencies… To all employees of the Provncial Government, happy 118th  Civil Service Anniversary!

I stand  before you today as your governor for the past 8 years. These 8 years taught me more than any degree factor ever could.

Sa paglingkod nako pagka-gobernador, akong gidahuman that I will be an agent of change sa atong gobyerno. And it is true.  But, not only did I become an agent of change,  kundili,  ang tanan nakong nakat-unan sa akong pagka-gobernador,  changed me for the better as a leader.

Ang  mga learnings  dili kabayran ug ikabaylo sa unsa pa man.

Subay sa constitution, the month of May of 2019 will be election time,  so,  2018 is basically my last full year as your governor. I thank god for the opportunity he has given me to serve Misamis Occidental the best that I can.

Busa nagahangyo ako karon kaninyo, let’s make a wonderful impact on my last full year as your governor.  I cannot do it alone. But, with your support and dedication, mag-uban kita nga magbilin ug legacy sa probinsiya.

Generally, the past 8 years were successful years.

I will not mention all our remarkable accomplishments tungod kay daghan kaayo; however, let me present to you  five (5) major  expectations in the months to come.

Una, daku atong tinguha na ma-approve na gayud ang atong request sa Civil Service Commission central office  nga ang civil service  pen-and-paper professional and sub-professional eligibility examination, mamahimo na nga diri pagahimuon sa Oroquieta city.

Sa among update, gamay na lang ang kulang.  Ang uban nga requirements, na-accomplish na including ang gi-require na shredder.

I will take this opportunity to specially mention Provincial director Abdullah Datu-Dacula for his efforts and the help in the realization of this milestone.

Ikaduha, starting this year, magahatag ang Provincial Government sa loyalty award to qualified employees. Mura man gani ug nadawat na sa uban ang ilang cash incentive for loyalty award.

The last time this was given was in 1992.  Sugod karong tuiga, I have institutionalized the granting of the loyalty incentive.

Behind this is the local finance committee. Let us acknowledge our local finance committee  for their support.

Ikatulo, we have received certificate of accreditation no. 1204  from the civil service commission  dated August 16, 2018 for our employees’ organization, the Misamis Occidental Government employees association,  as the sole negotiating agent with the management of the Provincial Government.

This speaks of employee empowerment kung diin karon pa masukad mahitabo sa Provincial Government. This will pave the way for concrete transparency and accessibility of quality services.

Tungod niana, mamahimo na kamo mag-negotiate on terms and conditions of employment not fixed by law.

Ika-upat, it is during my term as governor that new departments are created: the Provincial internal audit office, our hrmdo, the Provincial gender and development office and just last year, the Provincial tourism, arts and cultural affairs office and this year, the economic enterprise office and soon, the Provincial disaster risk reduction and management office and the Provincial disability affairs office.

Our hr advised me that our structure in the Provincial Government is very out-dated. 1980s pa sukad wala gayud ma-update so it is also during my term that most departments have been re-structured and re-organized: pgso, peo, pswdo, enro, pto, pacco and all hospitals and also including the Provincial governor’s office.

Gi-plastar gyud nako daan para hapsay na pag-abot sa inyong new governor by next year.

Ika-lima, but definitely not the least, before I leave as your governor, I will make sure  the  competency-based recruitment and selection system  is approved and institutionalized.

Since the creation of the HRMDO as a department in 2015, there were many reforms as far as human resource actions are concerned.

To name a few, we adopted the biometric system for attendance, the electronization and digitalization of human resource data and documents, the strict implementation of the strategic performance management system and the implementation of the competency-based recruitment and placement.

Some have not been pleased; others are more objective and positive.

If I do not initiate these much-needed reforms, there will be costs – because we will be perpetuating a flawed system instead of trying to change it.

Daghan ang gaingon, mahimo man I-assert nako ang wide latitude of discretionary power of appointment granted to me by law.  Tinuod kana.

As the appointing authority,  mahimo ko mamili kung kinsa ang akong gusto I-regular, for as long as qualified applicant,  pero I ordered our hrmdo and the hrmpsb, nga hatagan ug priority ang long-serving employees sa atong probinsiya.

Kabalo  ko, most of you have been serving for more than 10 years,  even longer than my term as governor.

Nag-tan-aw gyud ko ninyo.  In as much as I want to appoint you all as permanent employees,  but, I cannot, due to various limitations.

I say this not to boast.  I believe most of you, were you in my place,  would have done the same thing.  I hope that is enough trust for us to finish my term next year with high accomplishments.

I have always felt blessed and privileged to be your governor. Tuguti ko ninyo na mag-sentimiento karon, tungod kay karon mao ang akong last time to be addressing you during civil service anniversary.

Next september, dili na ako ang inyong governor.

Kagabii sa padulong ko matulog, when I prepared my message for today, I asked myself: am I a good governor? Have I lived up to the expectations of Misamisnons?

To all two thousand employees of the Provincial Government, I ask you, am I a good boss? When I look back after all these years, will I be proud of my accomplishments?

I have always felt blessed serving you and the province. How can I say thank you to all of you, in a way that you truly deserve?

Thank you for looking out for me all my years as your governor. Thank you for doing your jobs well, thus, being my image as a leader.

Kamo ang tinuod nga modern heroes,  tungod ang inyong gihimo, tininuod nga pag serbisyo. Kinsa man ang galingkod  nga gobernador,  inyong gihatagan sa inyong suporta ug respeto.  No matter who sits in the throne, you are always there.  Saludo ko kaninyo, mga lingkod bayani!

One thing I learned during my stint as a public official, particulary sa pagka-gobernador, is to take every opportunity to give kindness and to love fully.

When faced with the difficulty in decision-making, I let my heart show me the way and my conscience my guide.

Dili sayon ang mamahimong leader nga anaa sa power. The truest love and genuine friendship rarely come to those in power.

But with you, I have felt  loyalty and sincerity. And  when I thank god for blessings  received,  I speak of this kind of blessing.

To all heads of office who have served during my term,  I am  grateful in so many ways, but none more since having you as my trusted, competent representatives.

Your accomplishments are my accomplishments. Thank you for being there every step of the way,  with your grace, perspective and loyalty.

To our hrmdo and the phenomenal staff, you are the heart of the organization. Thank you for making true the reforms we expect to happen.  Daghang problema,  pero, do not give up.

You are just starting.  It goes without saying, that our hr family now, is insightful and proactive and a pleasure to work with.

To Vice-Governor JieJie and all the boardmembers, thank you for your opinions and insights.  They give me great comfort, knowing I have your trust and confidence.   It has been a pleasure and privilege to be working with you.

As your out-going governor, daghan ang mga speculations ug hugong-hugong kung asa ang akong padulngan. Ang uban nagaingon, maglisod na ug daug ang mga ramiro sa upcoming elections.

They have underestimated me.  Being underestimated can be a blessing in disguise.  It gives us a chance to astonish those who doubt our true worth.

Lastly, kaninyo tanan, keep your spirits and determination unshaken. Let us count our blessings – good health, jobs, glad tidings.

And as we continue and go on with the many plans we have, let us offer to god our beloved Misamis Occidental.

With courage, faith and combined effort, we shall achieve everything we desire for our province.

Happy 118th civil service anniversary!  Mabuhay ang serbisyo sibil! Mabuhay ang mga kawani ng gobyerno!

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