PGMO in Pursuit of a Hunger-Free Province

A very notable accomplishment which speaks of the effectiveness of malnutrition reduction initiatives is that Misamis Occidental continues to be excluded from the Top 10 List of Poorest provinces. Under the empowering leadership of Gov. Herminia M. Ramiro with her best tandem in nutrition, the Provincial Nutrition Committee (PNC), the Misamisnons are making things possible. This province has proven their success as it evaded inclusion from the data revealed by the National Statistics Coordination Board (NSCB) which made our province ranked 10th in the ranking provinces based on poverty incidence among families at 48.80%. Thank goodness, we are now delisted! Essentially, this development attests to the commitment of the leadership of the Provincial Government to conquer malnutrition and levelled up, moving forward Misamis Occidental a more liveable provincereceived_10203794954271025.

Misamis Occidental anchored with the vision to be one of the country’s leading agriculture and aqua-based industries, and eco-tourism destinations with God-loving, self-reliant, empowered, healthy men and women in a safe, disaster-resilient environment, fostering sustainable development and governed by a pro-active, gender-sensitive, transparent and accountable leadership. Hence, making sense to this visualized goal, our government is in pursuit of a healthy population, reflective of a healthy, progressive and people and child-centered governance. With the unifying campaign, our concerted efforts as manifested in our nutrition motto, “One Province in Nutrition” demonstrates one of the important regimens that we must embrace, to stay healthy and conquer malnutrition which is furthermore of great help in the attainment of our Sustainable Development Goal No. 3 which is to promote good health and well-being for all at all ages. This has been made possible by the power of convergence and collaborative efforts, indeed our province really have worked hard to having garnered the 2016 Provincial Green Banner Awardee.

The core objectives for the nutrition programs of the province are to ensure a nutritional well-being of all Misamisnons, by empowering the people to be self-reliant, living on a peaceful, healthy, highly productive, sustainable ecosystem and service-oriented leadership.  Moreover, to produce healthy, intelligent and productive citizens of Misamis Occidental to be able to delve GO healthy Misamisnons by increasing the awareness among families and individual in coping resiliency strategies to prevent malnutrition and to improve quality of life through the nutrition interventions as follows:

  • Functional, very active Provincial Nutrition committee as a lobby team chaired by the Lady Gov. Herminia M. Ramiro guided by her administration’s thrust: GO-HERMIE that stands for Good Governance, Order of Law and Safety, Health & Social Services/ Human Resource Development, Education and Youth Development, Rural and Agriculture Development, Micro-Enterprise Development, Infrastructure Development & Investment Promotions,Environmental Enhancement; Event and Eco-Tourism. Also, this includes the supportive local chief executives, MNAOs and BNSs, who champion the collaborative efforts to make ends meet to this nutrition program management.
  • Creation of Smoking Cessation Rooms and the conduct of intensified information, Education Campaign (IEC) activities.
  • Outsourced thru HAPAG-ASA for Manna Packs and Vita Meal, the nutritional meals afforded to all the children for supplementary feeding and are distributed to all the local government units for them to supply all the beneficiaries who need to be properly nourished with the very ultimate goal that “no child will be left behind.”
  • Modelled the breastfeeding promotion, protection and support by setting up a lactation room in the Provincial Capitol.
  • Increased Budget to 6.055M that provides funding for nutrition activities and for PDIP and prioritization of nutrition program projects and activities.
  • Initiated the giving of Toms’ shoes that provided preschool and school children in the nutritionally depressed areas.
  • Sponsored the giving of television sets to both of the SPED schools to cater educational visual tools for all the children who have special needs.
  • Pursued the proposed ordinances by our ardent nutrition advocates to create a nutrition division under the office of the Provincial Governor, appropriating funds thereof.
  • Established the Misamis Occidental provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council (MOPADAC) which supported the ordinance enacting the Drug Free Workplace Program of PGMO; hence, KalihokangAlertosaMisamis Occidental (KAMO) was created.
  • Amendment of the Executive Order No. 010-2017: creation of PNET and given place to GAD as the chairperson.
  • Livestock Dispersal Program providing livestock thru the assistance of PVET who give priorities to the families with severely underweight and underweight children as the targeted beneficiaries.
  • Outreached the indigenous people (IPs), PNAO established an indigenous outreach initiative by providing appropriate feeding including the giving of Toms’ shoes to the nutritionally depressed far-flung areas and furthermore showered blessings to those who are in need of proper nourishment and had given them used clothing.
  • PNAO, the ever empowering office with its ever committed workforce that continually uphold the realization of the office goals and vision and who are tasked to enforce the programs, projects and plans of nutrition, actively attended ABC meetings, MNC and BNC meetings and continually giving awareness thru nutrition education.

These were the Misamis Occidental’s pillars of endeavours in garnering the 2016 Northern Mindanao Outstanding Province in Nutrition Award.23847279_1691315317557425_2307393855537086726_o

The three year trend of the reduction of prevalence rate of malnutrition shows from 9.11% in 2014, 9.07% in 2015 and at the end of 2016, the provincial nutritional status of preschool and school children was reduced by the end of 2016 from 5.53 % to 4.75%. The downward trend continued till this present year.

As we are leading to the real scenario of a hunger-free Misamis Occidental, we thank God for the overflowing blessings, hence having the threshold of success as the Provincial Government of Misamis Occidental bags Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) Award and having the most number of awardees in the Red Orchid Award, this has become an amazing feat in our province, the belief that Misamisnons deserve a cleaner and a healthier province as we are promoting for always the principle of good nutrition, as we go and show togetherness in gearing towards “Misamis Occidental, a province of good nutrition.”The greater part has that Misamis Occidental awakened to find that our shared dreams to eradicate its high prevalence rate of malnutrition was made possible.

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