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Barangay captains pledging their support to the Smokefree Campaign through signing a manifesto of support in the presence of Gov. Herminia De Mesa Ramiro , provincial and local officials and barangay residents.


We, the elected barangay officials of brgy. ________ of the Municipality of ______, Province Of Misamis Occidental, Republic of the Philippines, acting on behalf of and for the welfare of our constituents, mindful of our duties assemble and gather, and together—

AFFIRM that our public health policies in relation to tobacco control, specifically, Provincial Smoke-free ordinance 05-12 and the provisions therein are issued, enacted, and implemented to protect the populate from the hazards of tobacco smoke, promote the right to health and instill health consciousness among them;

REITERATE our unwavering resolve to renounce and reject the tobacco industry and/or anyone acting to further its interests, and/or all its acts, in any shape or form; and,

ACKNOWLEDGE that our failure to be true to the mandates of the Philippine Constitution and all relevant Philippine laws that promote and protect the people’s right to life and health would be tantamount to neglect of duties to our constituents, and betrayal of their trust;

Solemnly PUBLISH, DECLARE, AFFIRM and RENEW our COMMITMENT to the Provincial Smoke-Free Campaign and act pursuant to and in accordance with the Philippine Constitution and laws for the welfare of our constituents and the Filipino people;

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