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  • Bulawis Swimming Pool – A cool swimming pool with several mini falls and numerous springs located at Bunawan, Calamba.
  • VICTORIA RESORT – it is the newest resort located at Calamba, Misamis Occidental. It has plenty of cottages, I has kiddie pool and also for the adults.
  • EARTH DAM – The Earth Dam in Brgy. Siloy is only 10.5 kms away from the town center.  It is an exquisite and enchanting “man made lake nestled between the mountains.”  It is a “mountaintop panorama that sets it apart from other adventure and historic places.” It offers superb recreation like boating and fishing and what makes it distinct from others is, it is best suited for personal and spiritual reflections.
  • THE CENTURY OLD TREE – Barangay San Isidro is one of the 19 brgys of Calamba, Misamis Occidental and it takes 20 minutes to reach the 9 kilometer slightly uphill barangay.   The place has become popular because of the famous century-old Lumbayaw Tree which proudly stands in front of the barangay hall.  It looks strong and magnificent through the years.  Its branches and green leaves thrust out to give shade to passersby and thrill everybody who would like to listen about its legend.  It is the only “silent and living witness left today that can testify the happenings of the time” hundred years back.
  • SPRINGS AND WATERFALLS – Calamba has been gifted with cool and freezing spring and waterfalls which usually hosts pictorials for beauty contests and family reunions/ gatherings. Spring is only a hundred meter away from Bulawis  Swimming Pool. The waterfalls are only 7 kilometers away from the heart of the municipality and it is located at Barangay San Isidro. Its crystal clear water and glitters like bits of diamonds as it falls from above. It offers a bounty of enjoyment and excitement. Leading to this waterfalls are either smooth or roughed roads. The adventurous travelers will really enjoy hiking the bushy roads going to the falls.
  • MENAJAK FESTIVAL – In the rural communities, festivals and celebrations always take the center stage. This is equally true with the Menajak Festival of Calamba, Misamis Occidental.  Menajak Festival gathers huge crowds of people who want to witness the unique presentations emphasizing the cultural and social heritage of the indigenous people of Calamba. This is done every February 14th of each year as Calamba celebrates its Foundation Day Anniversary.  Menajak is a Subanen term for the word “love” and also for a simple reason; it is celebrated every Valentine’s Day.  It is imperative for the organizers of the festival to use the Subanen word because Calamba tries to preserve the cultural heritage of the indigenous people in the community. The local government unit recognizes the Subanens as the original inhabitants of the municipality and bridges the cultural indifferences that exist among its constituents.
  • SAN ISIDRO FALLS – Hidden in deep ravine, the falls cascading beautifully into a basin like pool, clear, deep and icy cold.


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